RiB Newsletter #24 - Bridges

This month we’re interested in cross-chain bridges. With Ethereum at capacity recently, other blockchain projects are eyeing the window of opportunity between now and a functional Ethereum 2 to siphon away some of that chain’s activity.

RiB Newsletter #23 - Rewriting In Rust?

This month we’re rewriting things in Rust. We are struck anew by the number of blockchains that either have alternative implementations in Rust, or that have rewritten their official implementations in Rust.

RiB Newsletter #22 - A few tweaks

There are many blockchains written in Rust now, and quite a few blockchains that run Rust smart contracts. It’s hard to keep up, but we try. In this month’s newsletter we note 21 of them, but there are more than that.

RiB Newsletter #20 - Old fashioned chill

It’s a good time to be a skilled Rust programmer, especially for those of us into blockchain tech. This month we talked a lot about Rust smart contract platforms, including the possibility of creating a single Rust library that abstracts over multiple blockchain runtimes.