Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #6

Each month we like to shine a light on a notable Rust blockchain project. This month that project is deoxysii-rust. This is a great example of the type of useful crates that come out of Rust blockchain projects. It implements the Deoxys II authenticated encryption scheme, which was a winner of the CAESAR cryptographic competition.

Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #5

The highlight this month was San Francisco Blockchain Week. This was a huge series of events, with representation from a number of Rust blockchain projects. Several projects, Interledger, Near, Nervos, Oasis, and Parity came together for a day of Rust in Blockchain workshops.

Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #4

September featured Berlin Blockchain week, one of the biggest blockchain events of the year, and a number of Rust blockchain projects were there. We held Rust in Blockchain events in Berlin as well as in Hangzhou, the videos for which are linked below in the “learning” section. Rust in Blockchain has a new logo, and there are

Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #3

August was an exciting month, thanks to the very stunning RustConf and Berlin Blockchain Week! There were many rust & blockchain related meetups during this period. Let’s look forward to videos and reflect on these events in the coming days. The RustinBlockchain telegram group has reached more than 100 people so far. A shoutout to all of our friends in the Rust Community for helping with the contribution call.

Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #2

The first Rust in Blockchain meetup In Rust We Trust went very well on the 17th July in San Francisco. Thanks to all the speakers and the participants! If you want to speak on one of our forthcoming meetups, please apply here.

Call for Contributors

Let’s build the Rust Blockchain community together! Since the first publication of the Rust in Blockchain newsletter, I have been receiving great feedback — people are excited about the potential of Rust blockchain projects uniting together to create a greater community. When I started this newsletter just a few months ago, I didn’t imagine I would so quickly get so much encouraging support from people all over the world, including Germany, Italy, England, the US, and China.