RiB is One Year Old!

We are happy to announce that RiB is one year old – happy birthday to RiB! This is a late celebration. Since we released RiB’s first issue on June 6th, 2019, we have published 14 issues, along with 2 additional blog posts. With more than 20 contributors participating! The next issue is on the way, and we will publish it on next Wednesday. Contributions to the next draft are welcome.

RiB Newsletter #12 – ZK-Rustups

Hey there and welcome to another month in the world of Rust blockchain. This month, what strikes us most is the proliferation of Rust cryptography, and especially zero-knowledge proof, projects. Even blockchains that aren’t primarily implemented in Rust are increasingly looking to Rust for their crypto. So many of these are springing up that we’ve lost track, so we spent some time doing a survey of the world of Rust crypto and zero-knowledge proofs, and what we found kind of blew us away! For Rust blockchain developers there are an overwhelming number of choices for their crypto building blocks. Here are some of them.

How RiB Newsletter is Generated

Rust in Blockchain publishes a monthly newsletter that shares relevant technical content to the Rust blockchain development community. In this post, we will introduce how our monthly newsletter is generated, the content structure and the workflow.

RiB Newsletter #11 – The Flourishing Spring

It was a huge month for blockchain Rust! It seems like we’ve all been productive sitting at home hacking. We’ve seen so many interesting developments, and hopefully captured them all in this report. There were significant developments for several Rust blockchain projects.

RiB Newsletter #10 – Keep Calm and Hack More

How are you doing from working at home so far? What do you spend time on? We hope you find something fun, create interesting hacks and enjoy yourself. This month, we changed the website theme, and moved the hosting from wordpress to GitHub Pages, with hugo framework. So now it should be more straightforward to contribute to the website as well as the content. We still need a RSS, maybe also an event calendar ;)