RiB Newsletter #9 – The Month of Working from Home

This month Solana released version 1.0. Congrats to one of the hardest-working Rust blockchain teams; Solana did things right all last year, with extraordinary development velocity, consistent technical media publications, and multiple event appearances and sponsorships. We wish them the best success.

RiB Newsletter #8 - Looking Forward to 2020

This month, even with the holidays and world events, saw strong momentum in the big Rust blockchain projects. Solana is moving toward two new testnets, one of which is expected to evolve into their mainnet; Zcash has been blogging technical details about their Rust implementation, Zebra; Nervos has initiated a grants program …

Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #7

This month we see a trend, in blockchain and across the Rust ecosystem, of projects quickly picking up stable async/await support and migrating to tokio 0.2. For those interested in a great overview of the future distributed-web landscape, Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital published a new edition of their “The Web3 Stack”…

Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #6

Each month we like to shine a light on a notable Rust blockchain project. This month that project is deoxysii-rust. This is a great example of the type of useful crates that come out of Rust blockchain projects. It implements the Deoxys II authenticated encryption scheme, which was a winner of the CAESAR cryptographic competition.

Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #5

The highlight this month was San Francisco Blockchain Week. This was a huge series of events, with representation from a number of Rust blockchain projects. Several projects, Interledger, Near, Nervos, Oasis, and Parity came together for a day of Rust in Blockchain workshops.

Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #4

September featured Berlin Blockchain week, one of the biggest blockchain events of the year, and a number of Rust blockchain projects were there. We held Rust in Blockchain events in Berlin as well as in Hangzhou, the videos for which are linked below in the “learning” section. Rust in Blockchain has a new logo, and there are