Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #6

Welcome to the #6 edition of Rust in Blockchain, the hypest newsletter about the hypest tech. Previous: #5.


Project spotlight

Each month we like to shine a light on a notable Rust blockchain project. This month that project is…


This is a great example of the type of useful crates that come out of Rust blockchain projects. It implements the Deoxys II authenticated encryption scheme, which was a winner of the CAESAR cryptographic competition. Authenticated ciphers ensure both the confidentiality and the authenticity of data, and have particular properties described in the CAESAR call for submissions.


Most active in November

Solana: 366 merged PRs, 74 closed issues

Parity Substrate: 190 merged PRs, 66 closed issues

NEAR: 97 merged PRs, 76 closed issues

Nervos CKB: 58 merged PRs, 67 closed issues


Project updates




Nervos CKB






Slides and Videos for Grincon1


Interesting things

Video: Layer 1 event ft. Solana, NEAR, Harmony, CODA, Nervos



Dec 10 | Online

Grin Development Meeting



Centrifuge | Berlin, Germany; Remote

Rust Engineer

Chainlink | Remote

Senior Software Engineer

Consensys | Europe; United States; Remote

Systems Engineer - Rust

CyberCoders | Boston, San Francisco

Senior Software Engineer - Blockchain Solution

imToken | Singapore; Hangzhou, China

Blockchain Development Engineer

Interledger | San Francisco, US; Remote

Senior Software Engineer, Rust

IOHK | Europe

Software Engineer - Rust

Jsgenesis | Oslo, Europe; Remote

Senior Blockchain Developer

Kraken | Berlin, Germany; Remote

Backend Engineer - Crypto/Payments

Leger | Paris, France

C++ / Rust Software Engineer

MixBytes | Remote available

Rust Developer

MXC Foundation | Berlin, Germany

Senior Go / Rust Engineer

Nervos | San Francisco; Hangzhou, China; Remote

Senior Test Manager

Senior Blockchain Engineer

OneinaMil | New York City; Remote

Blockchain RUST/WASM Developer

Parity | Berlin, Germany

Rust/Core Developer


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