Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #7

Welcome to the #7 edition of Rust in Blockchain, the hypest newsletter about the hypest tech. Previous: #6.

This month we see a trend, in blockchain and across the Rust ecosystem, of projects quickly picking up stable async/await support and migrating to tokio 0.2.

For those interested in a great overview of the future distributed-web landscape, Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital published a new edition of their “The Web3 Stack”. Not Rust-specific, but an evocative, illustrated, piece describing their vision of what a distributed world-wide-web, built on blockchain technology, could look like.

Rust in Blockchain has been expanding our coverage steadily over the months, and this month we begin covering Zcash, and COMIT.

With so many Rust blockchain projects of note it is increasingly challenging to report on all of them. If you are a passionate observer of any Rust blockchain project we need your help to gather the monthly updates. Please contact us on the Telegram group, or email us directly at [email protected] if you are willing to donate an hour of your time each month.

Happy blockchain new year, Rustaceans!


Project spotlight

Each month we like to shine a light on a notable Rust blockchain project. This month that project is…


Zebra is an implementation of Zcash in Rust. It also appears to be the future of Zcash.

Originally developed by Parity, based off their bitcoin client, for the Zcash Foundation, Zebra was announced in July 2019. In late August development was begun from scratch, to take advantage of modern Rust idioms, to divorce the design from that of bitcoin, and to use a different license. The current version of Zebra is developed by Deirdre Connolly and Henry de Valence (who also co-authors a number of high-profile Rust cryptography libraries).

So now there are two Rust implementations of Zcash, including parity-zcash (which presumably inherits the original Zebra codebase).

According to the Zcash Foundation roadmap, in the future Zebra will be “the bedrock of our engineering output”. So it seems like Zcash is all-in on Rust!

Rust is awesome for blockchain, y’all.


Most Active in December

Solana: 343 merged PRs, 88 closed issues.

Parity: 192 merged PRs (1, 2), 69 closed issues (1, 2).

COMIT: 113 merged PRs (1, 2), 40 closed issues (1, 2).

NEAR: 61 merged PRs, 18 closed issues.


Project updates


113 merged PRs (1, 2), 40 closed issues (1, 2).


16 merged PRs, 1 closed issue.


16 merged PRs, 4 closed issues.


23 merged PRs, 45 closed issues.


61 merged PRs, 18 closed issues.


28 merged PRs, 5 closed issues.


8 merged PRs (1, 2), 0 closed issues (1, 2).


192 merged PRs (1, 2), 69 closed issues (1, 2).


343 merged PRs, 88 closed issues.


28 merged PRs (1, 2), 12 closed issues (1, 2).

The news this month is dominated by a poll on how to fund future Zcash development.



The Web3 Stack, 2019 Edition. Updates the Web3 stack based on the 2018 edition.


Interesting Things

Mark Zuckerberg has a big Libra problem by Gavin Wood. Libra is too closely tied to megacorporations to succeed. Platforms built to be open and free will outperform Libra.

Hold Tight, Here Come the Blockchain Wars by Gavin Wood.



Jan 8, 2020 | San Francisco, US

Hack Night @NEAR

Jan 15, 2020 | Online

Data Economy challenge

Feb 1-2 | Brussels


Feb 29 | San Francisco, US

World Blockchain Hackathon



Centrifuge | Berlin, Germany; Remote

Rust Engineer

Consensys | Europe; United States; Remote

Systems Engineer - Rust

CyberCoders | Boston, San Francisco

Senior Software Engineer - Blockchain Solution

imToken | Singapore; Hangzhou, China

Blockchain Development Engineer

Interledger | San Francisco, US; Remote

Senior Software Engineer, Rust

IOHK | Europe

Software Engineer - Rust

Jsgenesis | Oslo, Europe; Remote

Senior Blockchain Developer

Kraken | Berlin, Germany; Remote

Backend Engineer - Crypto/Payments

Leger | Paris, France

C++ / Rust Software Engineer

MixBytes | Remote available

Rust Developer

NEAR | Remote, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Moscow

Software Engineer, Expert in WebAssembly and Compilers

Nervos | San Francisco; Hangzhou, China; Remote

Senior Test Manager

Senior Blockchain Engineer

OneinaMil | New York City; Remote

Blockchain RUST/WASM Developer

Parity | Berlin, Germany

Rust/Core Developer


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