Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #5

Welcome to the #5 edition of Rust in Blockchain, the hypest newsletter about the hypest combination of technologies. Previous: #4.

The highlight this month was San Francisco Blockchain Week. This was a huge series of events, with representation from a number of Rust blockchain projects. Several projects, Interledger, Near, Nervos, Oasis, and Parity came together for a day of Rust in Blockchain workshops.

That wasn’t the only big event in October though. DevCon in Tokyo also included several Rust blockchain projects, from which several of Parity’s talks are linked below.


Project spotlight

Each month we like to shine a light on a notable Rust blockchain project. This month that project is…


Interledger is a protocol for transacting across multiple blockchains: it is a network of blockchain networks. It has been live since 2017 and currently interoperates with XRP and ETH. It was originally developed in JavaScript but has recently been rewritten in Rust.

Read “How to Interconnect All Blockchains and Value Networks” for an overview of Interledger.

Project updates




Nervos CKB



Summary: Parity had many talks at the events this month, and videos for some are available. The first Polkadot network, Kusama, launched. Substrate continues to be under heavy development, with 198 PRs landed in October.




Summary: Solana development is strikingly active, landing 403 PRs in October. They are renaming their runtime to “sealevel” as part of an effort to make their code reusable by other projects.



Nervos Bug Bounty

RFP - Minimal parachain development kit



Podcast (in Chinese): ForkIt: chat with Tang Wei from Parity and Xiao Xuejie from Nervos


Interesting Things

Ferris Fencing: An eternal duel between programmable crabs with swords. It is a showcase of CKB-VM, a simple implementation of the RISC-V instruction set, written in the Rust programming language.

Reddit discussion on Rust & Blockchain



November 9-12 | Barcelona, Spain

RustFest Barcelona

November 22 | Berlin, Germany

Annual Grin Developer Conference



Centrifuge | Berlin, Germany; Remote

Rust Engineer

Chainlink | Remote

Senior Software Engineer

Consensys | Europe; United States; Remote

Systems Engineer - Rust

imToken | Singapore; Hangzhou, China

Blockchain Development Engineer

IOHK | Europe

Software Engineer - Rust

Jsgenesis | Oslo, Europe; Remote

Senior Blockchain Developer

Kraken | Berlin, Germany; Remote

Backend Engineer - Crypto/Payments

Leger | Paris, France

C++ / Rust Software Engineer

MXC Foundation | Berlin, Germany

Senior Go / Rust Engineer

Nervos | San Francisco; Hangzhou, China; Remote

Senior Test Manager

Senior blockchain Engineer

Parity | Berlin, Germany

Rust/Core Developer


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