Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #4

Welcome to the #4 edition of Rust in Blockchain, the hypest newsletter about the hypest combination of technologies. Previous #3.

September featured Berlin Blockchain week, one of the biggest blockchain events of the year, and a number of Rust blockchain projects were there. We held Rust in Blockchain events in Berlin as well as in Hangzhou, the videos for which (in Chinese) are linked below in the “learning” section.

Rust in Blockchain has a new logo, and there are stickers! They will probably be found at various events…


Project updates


Grin Newsletter


Nervos CKB

Nervos CKB Development Update




Parity Ethereum




Grin: Allow nodes to (manually) recover from dreaded “Already Spent” error #3018 Near: Better tx RPC API #1299



Blockchain Tutorial in Rust

Introduction to Nervos CKB Script Programming 3: UDT

[Video] Rust for Decentralized Technology Berlin Meetup

[Video] WASM on the blockchain

[Video] [In Chinese] Cell Model and Logic Programming

[Video] [In Chinese] Wallet’s cross platform practice in Rust


Interesting Things

If you Run a Small Business Park In the Back of the Parking Lot



October 1-31 | Online


October 1 | Seoul, South Korea

Polkadot Meetup with Gavin Wood

October 8-11 | Osaka, Japan


October 19-20 | Berlin, Germany

Lighting Conference

October 19-20 | Berlin, Germany

Diffusion 2019: Blockchain Hackathon

October 26 | Tokyo, Japan

Rust Tokyo

October 28 - November 3 | San Francisco & Berkeley, US

SF Blockchain Week 2019

October 30 | San Francisco, US

Rust in Blockchain Workshops



Centrifuge | Berlin, Germany; Remote

Rust Engineer

Chainlink | Remote

Senior Software Engineer

Commonwealth | San Francisco; Remote

Blockchain Engineer

Consensys | Europe; United States; Remote

Systems Engineer - Rust

imToken | Singapore; Hangzhou, China

Blockchain Development Engineer

IOHK | Europe

Software Engineer - Rust

Jsgenesis | Oslo, Europe; Remote

Senior Blockchain Developer

Kraken | Berlin, Germany; Remote

Software Engineer, Crypto/Payments

MXC Foundation | Berlin, Germany

Rust Engineer

Nervos | San Francisco; Hangzhou, China; Remote

Senior Test Manager

Senior blockchain Engineer

Parity | Berlin, Germany

Rust/Core Developer


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