RiB is One Year Old!

We are happy to announce that RiB is one year old – happy birthday to RiB! This is a late celebration. Since we released RiB’s first issue on June 6th, 2019, we have published 14 issues, along with 2 additional blog posts. With more than 20 contributors participating! The next issue is on the way, and we will publish it on next Wednesday. Contributions to the next draft are welcome.

How RiB Newsletter is Generated

Rust in Blockchain publishes a monthly newsletter that shares relevant technical content to the Rust blockchain development community. In this post, we will introduce how our monthly newsletter is generated, the content structure and the workflow.

Call for Contributors

Let’s build the Rust Blockchain community together! Since the first publication of the Rust in Blockchain newsletter, I have been receiving great feedback — people are excited about the potential of Rust blockchain projects uniting together to create a greater community. When I started this newsletter just a few months ago, I didn’t imagine I would so quickly get so much encouraging support from people all over the world, including Germany, Italy, England, the US, and China.