Call for Contributors

Let’s build the Rust Blockchain community together!

Since the first publication of the Rust in Blockchain newsletter, I have been receiving great feedback — people are excited about the potential of Rust blockchain projects uniting together to create a greater community. When I started this newsletter just a few months ago, I didn’t imagine I would so quickly get so much encouraging support from people all over the world, including Germany, Italy, England, the US, and China. I am so grateful. There is something special and brilliant in this intersection of technologies and communities.

The purpose of this newsletter is to collect and disseminate useful news and information about the many Rust blockchain projects, in the hopes it will spur collaboration and connections between Rust blockchain engineers. I believe great minds are alike, and that the combined talents of the Rust blockchain community can do incredible things for the entire blockchain industry. We are still at the very early stage in blockchain engineering, and we are the ones who build the future.

But the more I talk to developers, the more I understand that bringing together the many individual Rust blockchain communities, elevating Rust blockchain technology to the become something truly exceptional, is something I can’t do on my own. Not only are there simply too many Rust blockchain projects for me to follow and coordinate with, but I myself am not an engineer (yet …) — my passion is bringing engineers together to create great things, but I still need help understanding the technical developments and their significance.

So this is a call to those Rust and blockchain developers who believe in the power of community, and who want Rust to be the language of choice for blockchain projects. Blockchain is a huge domain for Rust, and Rust is a huge advantage to blockchain developers. Together we can do great things, and speak with a powerful voice, both to the world of Rust, and to the world of blockchain.

Whatever your skillset — developer, writer, editor, designer — Rust blockchain projects need people interested in building community, ecosystems, applications, tools, documentation, tutorials, and more. There’s no end of interesting work ahead. Some of the roles the community is in most need of include:

  • developers who want to blog about technical subjects related to Rust blockchain technology
  • developers to build on Rust blockchain platforms (and maybe blog about what they are doing :)
  • developers familiar with individual Rust blockchain projects who can identify the monthly news most important to their project, for inclusion in this newsletter
  • community organizers who want to organize local Rust in blockchain meetups
  • Rust blockchain organizations who will donate space and resources for meetups
  • web developers to help with the maintenance of this newsletter

I don’t know exactly where we are going yet, but I have ideas, and I bet you have ideas too. If you want to work together on making Rust and blockchain the best they can be, a good place to start is by joining the Rust in Blockchain Telegram. And you can always email me, Aimee, at [email protected].

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s build the future together.