Contribute to RiB Community

Rust in Blockchain is a developer community that focuses on Rust engineering and adoption in the blockchain industry. The RiB Newsletter is a monthly newsletter that publishes on the first Wednesday of each month (Pacific time).

There are several ways to contribute to the Rust in Blockchain community.


Contribute to RiB Newsletter

We only accept contributions to the newsletter through GitHub. Contribute to the next issue by submitting PRs (Pull Requests) to the next draft.

Contributions are welcome to these sections:

  • Project Updates: PRs, issues, news, videos, podcasts, etc
  • Events: blockchain development related events are welcomed
  • Careers: job posting for Rust blockchain developers

Suggestions are also welcome to these sections:

  • Project Spotlight. You can suggest a project (big or small) you are working on, or recommend a project you like, with your comments ;)
  • Interesting Things. Anything you think it might be interesting to the RiB community, including news, blog posts, papers, projects, podcasts and videos.

Note that we exercise more editorial control over Project Spotlight, Interesting Things, and the introduction, then the Project Updates. We may edit contributions as we feel apropriate.

GitHub statistics for Most Active section are generated automatically. Do not contribute those caculations. Instead, add repos to the rib-bible that should be monitored.


Contribute to RiB Resources

Job Board

We maintain a standalone Job Board with current job openings. Feel free to add your open positions to this page. Open an issue if you find unavailable links.

RiB Learning Hub

We put educational content to RiB Learning Hub and hope to grow it as a wiki someday. You can add blog posts, papers, or other materials that are useful for the RiB community. Simply send a PR to the GitHub page.

Awesome RiB

Awesome RiB is linked to the Awesome Blockchain Rust repository. It covers almost all the Rust blockchain projects. You are very welcomed to add new projects to it, and make it AWESOME.

Other Ways to Contribute

  • Create dev tutorials or share your learning experience with developers
  • Call for team up on a specific project you are working on, e.g., help-wanted issues, dev bounties and grants
  • Organize or participate in events, such as Hack events, hackathons, challenges, meetups
  • And more

You’ll always find a way to participate in RiB community. Get some ideas from our post Call for Contributors in July 2019.



The RiB website is built by Hugo and hosted on GitHub. Open an issue and provide your suggestions. Help us to improve it and make it better.

Share information with RiB community by Tweeting @rust_blockchain or posting in RiB Telegram group. Note that we try to keep our Telegram channel technical and informative for developers. Please refrain from marketing spam.


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