Sponsoring RiB

RiB ocassionally accepts sponsorship from relevant companies and organizations in exchange for advertisement placement on the website, and/or prominent acknowledgement in the monthly newsletter.

50% of all such funds received go to the RiB community fund and the other 50% to the editors.

Rust in Blockchain is a developer community that focuses on Rust engineering and adoption in the blockchain industry. The RiB Newsletter is a monthly newsletter that publishes on the first Wednesday of each month (Pacific time).

By sponsoring RiB, your message will reach the niche (but important!) community of Rust blockchain experts. Your information will be shown to all our readers via our website, email and RSS subscriptions, as well as RiB’s social media.

RiB Traffic Numbers

The monthly numbers as of October 2021 are:

  • 72,300 impressions
  • 8,920 unique visitors
  • 980 email subscribers


Partner Growth Supporter
$8,000 $3,000 $1,600
3 months site banner AND 1 month site banner AND 1 month site banner OR
3 newsletter mention 1 newsletter mention 1 newsletter mention

Ads on the website are placed at the top of the sidebar, before all other sidebar content, and should be 300x250 pixels. The ad links to the URL of your choice. Note that on mobile, the ad will appear after the page content.

Sponsorships in the RiB Newsletter are textual. They are prominently displayed as a thanks from our sponsor, including the word “sponsor”, along with a mutually agreed upon description of the sponsor (3 sentences maximum), which may include inline links. It will be positioned after the introduction but before all other sections.

All sponsors are additionally thanked via our social media channels, including Twitter and Telegram.

All sponsors additionally have their logo listed at the bottom of this page, linking to their website, forever.

We run only a single website ad and newsletter sponsor at a time.


For inquiries please send us an email: [email protected]

Previous Sponsors

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