RiB Newsletter #17 – Trick? Or Trait?

Welcome to November, Rust blockchaineers. We hope you’ve been writing some great Rust. Though mostly not Rust-specific, the coolest stuff we’ve got for you this month are a bunch of interesting new papers on blockchain-related topics.

RiB Newsletter #16 – Secure Enclaves à la Crab

For the last few months we’ve been following new zero-knowledge proof projects in Rust. This month, with Secret Network upgrading their mainnet with secret contracts, it seems like a good opportunity to explore Rust blockchains that are using a completely different privacy-preserving technology: secure enclaves.

RiB Newsletter #15 – Turbofish in the Blocksea

Rust blockchain development continued at its typical blistering pace, and again it’s impossible to follow everything going on. This month we see continued advancement in zero-knowledge computing, an obvious focus from the entire blockchain industry on the DeFi phenomenon, and new hackathons with opportunities for Rust developers.

RiB Newsletter #14 – Are We Smart (Contract) Yet?

This month, we’re seeing a bunch of interesting Rust blockchain and crypto projects. Elrond, appeared on our radar with the launch of their mainnet. Although not written in Rust, it runs Rust smart contracts on its Arwen WASM VM, which itself is based on the Rust Wasmer VM. Along with NEAR, Nervos, and Enigma (and probably others), this continues an encouraging trend of blockchains enabling smart contracts in Rust.

RiB Newsletter #12 – ZK-Rustups

Hey there and welcome to another month in the world of Rust blockchain. This month, what strikes us most is the proliferation of Rust cryptography, and especially zero-knowledge proof, projects. Even blockchains that aren’t primarily implemented in Rust are increasingly looking to Rust for their crypto. So many of these are springing up that we’ve lost track, so we spent some time doing a survey of the world of Rust crypto and zero-knowledge proofs, and what we found kind of blew us away! For Rust blockchain developers there are an overwhelming number of choices for their crypto building blocks. Here are some of them.