RiB Newsletter #9 – The Month of Working from Home

Welcome to the #9 edition of Rust in Blockchain, the hypest newsletter about the hypest tech. Previous: #8.

This month Solana released version 1.0. Congrats to one of the hardest-working Rust blockchain teams — Solana did things right all last year, with extraordinary development velocity, consistent technical media publications, and multiple event appearances and sponsorships. We wish them the best success.

Because of certain world events, offline events are starting to be canceled, including at least one blockchain conference. More tech companies are starting to encourage a remote-working culture. Nick Cameron, of the Rust core team, recently shared his experience as a long-time remote worker: part 1, part 2, part 3.



This edition of RiB was produced with contributions from SeungMin Lee, Alex Gluchowski, María Paula, Paulii Good, Brian Anderson, and Aimee Zhu. Thank you for your help!

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Project spotlight

Each month we like to shine a light on a notable Rust blockchain project. This month that project is…


gMorph is a fully homomorphic encryption library. Fully homomorphic encryption allows for arbitrary computation on encrypted data. For an example of gMorph in practice, see the gudot project, which performs linear regression on golem.

Golem has a number of interesting Rust projects.


Most Active in February

Solana: 380 merged PRs, 38 closed issues

Parity: 221 merged PRs (1, 2), 71 closed issues (1, 2).

COMIT: 173 merged PRs (1, 2), 28 closed issues (1, 2).

NEAR: 67 merged PRs, 61 closed issues.


Project updates


72 merged PRs(1, 2, 3, 4), 20 closed issues(1, 2, 3, 4).


173 merged PRs (1, 2), 28 closed issues (1, 2).


28 merged PRs, 12 closed issues.


30 merged PRs, 2 closed issues.


67 merged PRs, 61 closed issues.


112 merged PRs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), 6 closed issues (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).


221 merged PRs (1, 2), 71 closed issues (1, 2).


380 merged PRs, 38 closed issues.


39 merged PRs (1, 2), 15 closed issues (1, 2).



Token Engineering Learning Program

Onboarding to Bitcoin Core

Programs, life cycles, and laws of software evolution


Interesting Things

lalotai/rust-blockchain. A simple blockchain in Rust.

Super Bowl mentioned Rust



Mar 4-11 | London, UK

London Blockchain Week

Mar 7-8 | MIT Campus, US

MIT Bitcoin Expo 2020

Mar 27-28 | SF, US

Bitcoin 2020

Mar 31 - Apr 1 | Paris, France

Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Apr 13-16 | Oxford, UK




imToken | Singapore; Hangzhou, China

Blockchain Development Engineer

Nervos | Remote

Developer Relations

Nervos | Hangzhou, China; Remote

Senior blockchain Engineer

PureStake | Boston, US

Blockchain Engineer


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