Rust in Blockchain Newsletter #2

Welcome to the third edition of Rust in Blockchain, the hypest newsletter about the hypest combination of technologies. Previous #1.

The first Rust in Blockchain meetup In Rust We Trust went very well on the 17th July in San Francisco. Thanks to all the speakers and the participants! If you want to speak on one of our forthcoming meetups, please apply here.


Project updates


Moving wallet from one node to another loses some UTXOs #2901

Grin Newsletter


Account deletion #1107 @ilblackdragon: If account has less balance to support it for given number of blocks, anyone can initiate its deletion and receive reward for it.

Nervos CKB

CKB run requires block assembler code hash must be one of the system cells #1045 If block assembler is set, it must be one of the system cells, unless command option –allow-any-ba-code-hash is given.

Feat: Send a message to remote peer when disconnect #1246 @TheWaWaR Add a new p2p protocol StringMessageProtocol for sending simple string message; Send a message to a remote peer when disconnect.

CKB Development Updates


Hello World! example #142

Generate clients for services using imported interface definition #141



How to spawn a task in a task #2991

Enable Offchain API to handle local storage race conditions better #3143


Unnecessary protobuf requirement in Libra #5251 @garious found the problem that the libra codebase uses Google protobuf to send data to its metrics server. They stuffed Golang and protobuf into our Docker containers to move forward, but neither is actually used. Furthermore, those dependencies aren’t on our benchmarking servers and not on developer machines. Until they get those dependencies out, they can’t integrate Move into our top-level build.



[Substrate] Websocket protocol errors cause full node halt/stall/crash #3124



VM on Blockchain

RISC-V based CKB VM: Validation Model

RISC-V based CKB VM: Script Basics

Wasm for Blockchain 2019

[Video] Pierre Krieger from Parity discuss Libp2p library with Maksym Zavershynskyi from Near

[Video] Decentralized App Development

[Video] Cell Model - A programming model that generalizes Bitcoin’s UTXO model

[Video] In Rust We Trust Meetup. 17th July, San Francisco

  • Rust is for Blockchain - Brian Anderson
  • Towards a True Programmable Blockchain World: An Introduction to CKB VM - Xiao Xuejie
  • Rust Smart Contract APIs - Maksym Zavershynskyi
  • Tendermint Key Management System and Abscissa Application Framework - Tony Arcieri



August 7 | Sydney, Australia

Holochain vs. Ethereum + Latest on Blockchain & Securities

August 19 | Berlin, Germany

Rust for Decentralised Technology

August 19-21 | Berlin, Germany

Web3 Summit 2019

August 21 | Berlin, Germany

In Rust We Trust - VM on Blockchain

August 21-23 | Berlin, Germany

DappCon 2019

August 22-23 | Portland, US

RustConf 2019

August 23-25 | Berlin, Germany

EthBerlin 2019

Online Hackathons

Blockstack: Build a Blockstack application that fits into one of the featured categories

Tezos: Bringing Decentralized Applications To The Masses

IDEO + CoinList Hackathon: Making Blockchains Useful and Usable




Backend Engineer


Blockchain Runtime Engineer


Full Stack Application Developer

Network Software Engineer


Senior Blockchain Engineer

Senior Test Manager


Interesting Things

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