RiB Community Fund

RiB doesn’t make much money.

But it does bring in some donations, and may receive paid sponsorships in the future.

100% of donations, and a portion of sponsorships, go to the RiB community fund, which is dedicated for uses that directly contribute back to the Rust blockchain community.

Examples of how the fund might be used include

  • Event catering or other event expenses
  • Funding code bounties
  • Soliciting outside editorial content to RiB
  • Rewarding RiB contributors

As of yet the fund has not been used for any purpose (it hasn’t made much money yet), but when it is we’ll be sure to note how here.

Donating to RiB

Contribute to the RiB community fund by sending the appropriate currency to these addresses:

  • BTC: bc1qrl00ya0p0fg2s27lmws908cfmzapa4fa2uyk8n
  • ETH: 0xE35D48926663dc02B7b4226d6AC044D4c6a30410
  • CKB: ckb1qyqtgdktk9s52pd9q3f5wpqykee6eawz3dnsu8pcex
  • NEAR: @rib.near
  • Zcash: t1dvAmgCUWpFW4LccbE4MXag4Y6SBr4k5vD